About Christian Learning Resource

Christian Learning Resource (CLR) is the campus bookstore at Faith Builders Educational Programs located in northwestern Pennsylvania, 40 miles south of Lake Erie. In addition to the brick-and-mortar store we offer the convenience of online shopping through our webstore. CLR is also the distributor for Faith Builders Publishing, Stewardship Resources, and Life is for Living.

Christian Learning Resource serves the Christian community by marketing quality educational and inspirational resources. We think life’s most important things are found in families and the Christian community. Therefore, we are committed to nurturing these areas by offering some of the finest resources available.

  • Home

    Resources for nurturing creative, generous, hardworking, fully-alive, joyful, compassionate children

  • School

    Resources for cultivating thinking, God-conscious, wise, articulate (in speaking and writing), inspired students

  • Church

    Resources for equipping Christ-centered, peace-loving, truth-living, winsome, confident, skilled, scripture-formed, spirit-filled servants

Our focus is on offering what is worthwhile and lasting, not merely what is popular. We’ve selected some of the best books in the areas of children’s literature, biography, history, theology, Anabaptist life and thought, and recorded music. We offer these at discounted prices, typically 10-15% off the publisher’s price.

In addition to our stock items, we will special order any in-print book for you and can often offer discounts up to 15% on special-order items. Looking for an out-of-print book? Let us try to find it for you.

Tim Kauffman
CLR Store Manager