Living History Threads

Grade Level

Grades 1-4


Comprehensive overview of key historical knowledge, including world history, American history, church history, Anabaptist history, and geography.

Teaching methods

Read-aloud stories are the primary means of content delivery.

Student engagement is achieved through oral discussion, recitation of key facts, and map work. Tests are included for assessment in grades 3 and 4.

Maps and timelines anchor historical content in time and place.

Living History Weavings

Grade Level

Grades 5-6


Focused study of three non-Western world regions per year, including history, geography, culture, and the story of Christianity in the region.

Study of two biographies per year offers a unique way to engage with different historical eras, people, and regions.

Teaching Methods

Informative and formative stories, read by both teachers and students, are an important form of content delivery.

Direct instruction, atlas work, and student projects round out the learning experience to offer age-appropriate rigor.

PowerPoint slides provide picture-rich content to engage students and deepen understanding.

Each unit is built around a student portfolio in which students interact with lesson materials.

Each unit includes a unit project which broadens or deepens student learning.

Significant engagement with maps and timelines orients studies in place and time.