Welcome to Living History Threads, level 1|2!

Level 1|2 is intended for use in first- and second-grade classrooms. Most schools combine these grades for history class and teach Levels 1|2 and 2|1 in alternating years, but Threads also works well in single-grade classrooms. Level 1|2 is designed for 30-35 minute class periods, three days per week for 16 weeks. The following materials are needed:

    • Teacher’s Guide x 1
    • Classroom map set x 1
    • Timeline (shared with Level 2|1) x 1
    • Flashcard set x 1
    • Twenty-seven read-aloud books (1 copy of each title)
    • Student booklet (1 per student)
    • Student desk maps (two maps – one set per student)

No tests are included in Level 1|2, as we believe the focus of history class in lower elementary should be simply to introduce students to the joy of studying history. Assessment is built in through daily oral review.

To purchase Living History Threads, Level 1|2, use the buttons below to navigate to the shopping pages. You will need one copy of each item from the “Teacher Materials” page, and one copy per student for the items from the “Student Materials” page.

Teacher's Materials

Teacher’s guide



Classroom Maps

Read-aloud books


Student Materials

Student Desk Maps

Student Booklets

I loved seeing elementary students excited about the heroes of the faith, and how the curriculum put our church history in a way they could understand. 


“All my students vote Living History as their favorite class – thanks to the Living History Threads curriculum. They love the stories! The history facts seem to be riveted in their minds better with this style of curriculum.