A curriculum for teaching stewardship and financial responsibility to 8th and 9th grade students.

Foundations in Stewardship offers 30 lessons weaving together practical financial advice, Biblical wisdom, and true stories. The lessons are targeted conservative Anabaptist students in 8th or 9th grades. The course intends to shape students’ vision and actions in the years before they begin earning and spending.

Purchase Teacher's Manual

Contains lesson plans that include a lesson overview, lesson materials, a lesson introduction, additional stories to use, outline, a reduced copy of the student workbook, and answers for student exercises. 

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A softcover book for students to write in. We recommend that students keep the book after completing the course so they can refer to it in future years. 

Life in a Global VIllage

This book, published by Christian Aid Ministries, is used in the second lesson. We recommend one copy per student; however, the school can reuse them from year to year.