Instructional videos

1. How Is living history Weavings Unique?

2. What Types of Learning Will I Be offering my students?

3. What Can I Find in the teacher Guide?

4. How can i prepare for the year?

5. HOw do I use the lesson plan?

6. How Do I Teach The Biographies Successfully?

7. There are a Lot of Materials. How Do I Manage Them?

Level 5|6 Supplemental Resources

Click on any line below to download PowerPoint files for that lesson. PDFs of the tests can be found at the bottom of the list.

Lesson 1 Intro

Lesson 2 Japan Geography

Lesson 3 Japan History

Lesson 4 Japan Culture

Lesson 5 Christianity in Japan

Lesson 6 Ring of Fire

Lesson 7 Korea Geography

Lesson 8 Korea Traditional Culture

Lesson 9 Korea Modern Culture

Lesson 10 Robert Jermain Thomas

Lesson 11 Southeast Asia 1

Lesson 12 Southeast Asia 2

Lesson 13 Vietnam

Lesson 14 Mennonites in Vietnam

Lesson 15 Review

Lesson 16 Test

Lesson 17 Cambodia and Laos

Lesson 18 Hmong

Lesson 19 Thailand

Lesson 20 Buddhism

Lesson 21 The Judsons

Lesson 22 JudsonLetters

Lesson 23 Island Life

Lesson 24 Malaysia

Lesson 25 Singapore

Lesson 26 Spice Trade

Lesson 27 Indonesia

Lesson 28 Christianity in Indonesia

Lesson 29 Philippines

Lesson 30 Rice

Lesson 31 Review

Review package

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Test 1 – 8.5 x 11

Test 2

Test 2 – 8.5×11

PowerPoint for Seeing Fingers – Louis Braille Biography Unit

PowerPoint for The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Purchase Braille slates and styluses

Purchase blank booklets for The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind